About us

Svenska Räddningsprodukter was founded in 2009 by Fredrik Forsberg and Magnus Andersson, both working as full-time firefighters and with a background in operational rescue services since the early 90s.

SRP's range of rescue manikins is developed after a multi-year collaboration with the traditional Tärnsjö Garveri AB, after being disappointed in the manikins that are on the market that cannot cope with the temperatures the manikins are exposed to during smoke diving AND have a realistic weight and function, without coming apart when you take hold of, pull and drag the mannequins.

The prototypes have been many, and the models have had to endure a lot of beatings during the journey so that, for some time now, we can proudly market a really good range for training both on land and in water, and above all durable products for rescue services, police, military, sea rescue, corrections facilities, the healthcare sector, etc.!

SRP, "The Original" - Not to be associated with those who try to imitate Svenska Räddningsprodukters high-quality training manikins! Training manikins from us are marked with the S R P logo, a seal for function, quality and durability! 

SRP's other product ranges are carefully selected for the absolute highest quality from market-leading manufacturers/suppliers.

You are welcome to train realistically with us!






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